Sell the house you have.   Find a new home.  Move near or far.   We're here to make it happen.


We believe you deserve a relationship with your Realtor, and to know who you are working with.    That's the goal for each of us, and your Realtor will be there for you to help you meet your goals.  Because we are a family, we are always here for each other, too.    Great communication, experience, hard work, strong relationships.....that's what we offer you.

Glenda Lagrois

Glenda sells houses. It's what she does, and what she's done for 40 years.

Marc Lagrois

Marc learned from Glenda how to market homes back when he was a teenager.  Find out how his marketing business background can help you.

Michelle Lagrois Carey

Michelle's clients love her positive attitude and her willingness to fight for them.

Lori Schmidt

Lori knows how to make transactions work smoothly. She's the force behind the scenes.


Kyle Lagrois

Kyle loves to help people find homes.  It's all about listening to their needs.  She's also our staging consultant.                       

Our Group

Five amazing realtors, working for you, supporting each other.  Find out how we work.

“We are a family, we are REALTORS. We are here for each other, so we can help you meet your goals"