Holidays and Home Sales

A lot of people hesitate to put their homes on the market as we head into the holidays.  Our advice?  No need to wait!   

There are new buyers coming into the area and into the market all the time.  Many companies relocate their people for the new year, and people working around a school year often move for a new semester.   We have many buyers still looking for homes after competing in this summer's hot market.  All of these people want to buy soon!

At the Lagrois Group, we allow you to control the schedule of when your home is shown to potential buyers, so you have flexibility.  That helps a lot this busy time of year.  Having a party on Saturday night?  Enjoy your party and schedule showings for another day.  Easy.

One last idea: if you aren't ready to put your home on the market quite yet, but know you'd like to soon, call us!  We can take the exterior photos in this glorious weather, before the snow falls.