Holidays can bring out the best in us, especially when we focus on the joy of giving.  In our Century 21 Town & Country office in Rochester Hills, we had amazing Adopt A Family participation.  This is for a family of a single mother and her two daughters.    

We celebrate Christmas in our family, and just today I was thinking about how fun it was to have little kids who just believe in magic.  Much like the book The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsberg (a Grand Rapids native!), it almost does seem like as long as you believe in magic, it happens.  The great thing about Adopt A Family is helping to fulfill that magic for someone else's family.  Someone we don't know and can't know, but we can imagine their joy on Christmas morning.  We can all remember the feeling of Christmas morning- or another time if we don't celebrate Christmas- where you wake up and feel that anything is possible.  Will there be presents waiting for me?  What will they be?  Will it be wonderful?  And with Adopt A Family, we get to help make the answer "Yes!".

One thing I love about Real Estate and being a Realtor is helping to create the joy people have when the magic of finding a new home - a new home!- or selling a home and moving forward happens.  So many possibilities.  Will it be wonderful?  Will there be a new beginning waiting for me?     With all the care and support of the Lagrois Group family, we hope to help make the answer for you "Yes!".

Happy Holidays to all!