“How do I begin a home search?"

It's always easiest to call one of The Lagrois Group realtors, and we can get you started.  If you don't already have a mortgage company chosen, we can put you in touch with mortgage lenders we know to be excellent and service-oriented.  Either way, the first step is to get a pre-approval letter so you know your price range.  After that, we'll set up a search for you in the neighborhoods of your choosing.  We have access to MLS listing services, so we can let you know about new homes on the market before they appear on popular internet search sites.

When you see a home you like, let your agent know and we'll schedule a showing to tour the home with you. Your agent will keep looking with you until you find what you love, and will stay with you until you are in your new home- and even after!

“I've found something I love. Now what?”

This is where our expertise shines.  Your agent will help you evaluate the price of the home compared to similar homes in the current market.  We'll help you write a comprehensive offer.  We'll negotiate.  We'll help you schedule any inspections.  We'll co-ordinate with the lender, the seller's agent, and the title company.  Your agent will keep in touch with you every step of the way and make sure you understand what is happening.

When one of our agents is your Buyer's Agent, the Number 1 thing we want you to know is we are here for you.


“I'm relocating so I'm buying....but not in this area!"

Let us know, and we can help!  We can recommend great agents to work with you anywhere you go.